The 20-hour course is based on Paddy Ladd’s powerful book, Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood.  Class is facilitated by Butch Zein

The course will change how you see yourself personally and how you see your world.  Become a change agent by realizing new ways of thinking and acting within your Deaf community and improving your relationship with the world for better.

FOR DEAF PEOPLE ONLY. The language of the class is ASL.

COST:  $175.00 class fee (PayPal Credit payment plan available)

DEADLINE:  Reserve your spot by May 25th.  Maximum 15 people each class. First come, first serve.



Please note that once you have paid for the class and you have to cancel or back out for any reason, 50% of the class fee is nonrefundable.  Upon request, you may or may not be allowed to transfer 100% your class fee to a different class depending on what is available and financial circumstances of current class you are asking to transfer from.

Also, please note that your email address will be shared with the on-site coordinator and instructor, and your email address will be used in a group distribution, visible to everyone who had registered for that class you are registering for as a way to facilitate communication and sharing of electronic class handouts.  If you prefer to opt out from this group distribution or use a different email address than the one you registered with, please let Chriz, on-site coordinator, and instructor know.

This event has ended

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