The Deafhood Foundation board would like to thank the following people for their donations to DHF:
  Daniel J Langholtz ~ honoring Nelson Pimenta
  Kelly Stack ~ honoring Hank & Marianne Stack
  Marilyn J Smith & Karen L Bosley ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  Jennifer Vold ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  Randy Prezioso & Carlene Thumann Prezioso ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  Mary Hufnell ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  Harvey Grossinger ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  Lisa Jacobs ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  Tina Jo Breindel ~ honoring Sandra Fontana
  Joe Dannis ~ honoring Olin Fortney
  MJ Bienvenu ~ honoring Lisa Jacobs
  Candace McCullough ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu
  David Weiss ~ honoring George “Butch” Zein III
  Alyce Slater Reynolds ~ honoring Deirdre G. Kennedy
  Alyce Slater Reynolds ~ honoring Celia May Baldwin
  Sandra Ammons ~ honoring Tina Jo Breindel & Joe Dannis
  Kenneth Mikos ~ honoring Laurene Gallimore
  Kenneth Mikos ~ honoring Mel Carter 
  Karen Atwood ~ honoring Nancy Opheikens

  Laura & Brendan Gramer ~ honoring Marilyn Jean Smith
  Barbara Kannapell ~ honoring MJ Bienvenu

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