Our friends at BBC See Hear has released an amazing coverage of our honorary board member, Dr. Paddy Ladd and the future of Deafhood. This video is a powerful testament to all of our Deaf people’s collective journeys and the future we are creating… right now.

  1. Hi. I’d love to purchase Paddy Ladd’s video See Hear. I can’t find your price online. I’d appreciate it when you send me any mailing brochure to my address: 45-535 Luluku Road, A44, Kaneohe,HI 96744, USA.

    Thank you & aloha.
    Kathy T

    • Hi,

      For that, you will need to contact British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) See Hear for that. We do not handle that ourselves here at the Deafhood Foundation. Thank you for your support and your interest!

  2. Harmony says:


    I’m been away wanna be ower small restaurant in Kansas City Missouri soon but when I’m finished school how can I can open my own business but I not have anyone to running up and keep up so please help me out. I’m been working in restaurant since when I was 16 but today I’m 27 so now time for me talk with my hands to show that I’m been wanna do it. I hope you can help me out soon

    Thanks for read this \m/- all world deaf and hard of hearing Harmony K.

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