**Sign Language/ASL is used throughout the video.

[Brown-hair, white male with black t-shirt and a short beard stands.  Background reveals a dark blue poster with the white lettering: “SIGN TO SIGN” and logo of hand merged into a pen]

Jonathan: “Throughout history, people have used petitions to promote change in our society.  Signatures are collected and presented to those in positions of power in order to convey a need for action.  But names on a page are just that.” 

[ two women on sidewalk next to a street full of cars, the female assistant on the left hands the woman on the right a clipboard and a pen.]

[a male assistant looking at two employees behind a counter inside a market, both employees looking at a clipboard, one of them signing with a pen.]

[Jonathan with pen in his mouth, holding some pens and markers in one hand, and holding a backpack against the back of a car with the other hand.]

[female assistant signing: “first time doing this kind of thing” as the male next to her signs a clipboard with a pen–on sidewalk of busy street.]

Jonathan: “Our team has come up with a new campaign idea.  We are calling it “Sign to Sign.”  This time we are collecting clips of people using American Sign Language to represent signatures.” 

[Jonathan inside a building, holding a camera, focused on a female.]

[female assistant on sidewalk, holding camera, focused on a male.]

Jonathan: “Rather than signatures, we are using American Sign Language to spread awareness for our cause.  Our hands and faces will show just how important this is to all of us.” 

[two white males dressed in red t-shirts, the male on the left wearing a hat, and male on the right sporting a beard. Both are inside, background is brick with a bookshelf and an indistinct picture] 

Male with Hat: “Well, think about it this way: Imagine telling a straight couple that they couldn’t get married.  Perhaps then they would feel the same way we do.”

Male with Beard: “Yeah, I think marriage should be permitted on the federal level.  It shouldn’t be left up to states to decide whether or not somebody can get married.  I think it’s ridiculous.  It doesn’t matter who you love; it’s a person’s right to marry whomever they want.”

Jonathan: “To love is a human right.  To use sign language is a human right.  By combining the two, we are showing our support for marriage equality.”

[behind Jonathan walking inside, holding camera.]

[Jonathan looking into camera, and then pans to a woman standing, ready to sign.]

[female assistant and male assistant helping another male and female sign.]

[male assistant teaching the sign “support marriage” to two male employees behind a counter.]

[female counting, “1, 2, 3” to male standing in front of Jonathan and his camera.]

Jonathan: “ASL is a marginalized language just as marriage equality has been denied to those who love one another.  This has to change!”

Male with Hat: “Yeah, that would be tough if I couldn’t get into the hospital to see if he was okay.  I’d want to make sure everything was all right.  If that weren’t possible then I don’t know what I would do.”

[behind female assistant teaching the sign “support” to a woman, facing her.]

[ female assistant teaching the sign “support marriage” to three people at a corner of a street.  Black male helps black female sign “support.”]

Male with Beard: “And for legal reasons.  Again, related to hospitals…if I were in the hospital and you wanted to visit me, it’s important that you could.  Suppose you had to make a decision for me in the case that I couldn’t.]

[female assistant teaching the same woman the sign: “support.” Jonathan holds the camera from behind.]

[Jonathan holding camera with female assistant helping.]

Male with Hat: “You really are denying someone the opportunity to see if their loved one is all right.”

[Jonathan holding camera and female assistant guiding three people in signing.]

Jonathan: “Want to get involved? Show your support by SIGNING for Marriage Equality!”

Male: “I support marriage equality. [with text shown on screen]”

Female: “I support marriage equality.”

[Four consecutive shots show four different women signing “I” “Support” “Marriage” “Equality”]

[Four different shots of four women signing “I support marriage equality” at the same time.]

Female: “I support marriage equality.”

Female: “I support marriage equality.”

Female: “Marriage Equality”

Two Employees: “I support”

Female: “Support”

Male: “Support marriage”

Male: “Support”

Two male employees: “Support marriage equality”

Female: “Marriage equality”

Female: “Equality”

Male and Female: “Equality”

Male: “Equality”

Female: “Support marriage equality”

Male: “I support marriage equality”

Male: “Marriage equality”

Female: “I support”

Male: “I support marriage equality”

Three people: “I support marriage equality YAY!”

Female with Flannel Shirt: “I support marriage equality.”

Male with Beard: “Any issue regarding human rights should not be left up to a popular vote.  To me it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Female: “I support marriage equality”.

[Jonathan and female assistant cheering with female.]

[couple giving thumbs-up sign.]

[female with flannel shirt cheering.]

Male with Beard: “So which do you love more, me or basketball?”

Male with Hat: “Tough question!”

[Blonde female on sidewalk views the video of the male couple and then signs: “I support marriage equality.”  She shares the video on Instagram through her phone.]

Logo against black screen, [@signtosign] and

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