Transcript for the “Climbing the Avalanche” Trailer.

Laurene Simms >> Hello.  I am Laurene Simms with some exciting news to share.  The Deafhood Foundation has graciously provided funding to support the production of our documentary, “Climbing the Avalanche.”

Our work on this project is coming to a close.  All the travel, interviews, and editing are wrapping up.  The Deafhood Foundation support will help us add an English voiceover and captions, as well as do the final editing.

What follows is a preview of some of our work.

Paddy Ladd >> Deaf people have experienced oppression for years, meaning…

Dr. Crenshaw >> Intersectionality began as a tool to tell a complicated story about how…

Laurene Simms >> … So, growing up, did they have any understanding of their identity?

Native man >> Growing up as a Native, the only thing we learned about Indians was about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. We never learned anything about Native culture.

Laurene Simms >> I want to thank you for your ongoing support.  We look forward to being able to show you our completed documentary soon.

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