Deafhood 101 Kristeena Testimonial from The Deafhood Foundation on Vimeo.

  1. It will be nice if all videos can have transcripts and all videos can be found after clicking on the link. I can find the videos when I click on the links under “Posts from the video category.” When I click on a title, it will show either a transcript or blank page with a link to the video after I scroll down to the bottom of the box. Sometimes, it just shows a transcript. Other times, it will show a blank page with a link to the video at the bottom, and the video can be found easily. After finding the page with the video, if I scroll down, I can see “Also Check Out” with “more stuff” “186 videos” on the lower right hand side. I can only watch some videos if other videos are posted because the only way to find them is to scroll down the page of the other videos. It would be nice to have both–a transcript and a video. Thank you

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