Announcing 2014 Deafhood Foundation Grant from The Deafhood Foundation on Vimeo.


With much pride and joy, the Deafhood Foundation is announcing that its grant of  $5,000 will be presented to Dr. Laurene Simms of Deaf Women of Color. She will spend a year developing and directing a documentary titled “Eyes of Color”.  The film will show how Deaf People are being redefined through a multicultural lens.

The intent is to explore and promote a new multicultural and social justice framework in pedagogy for Deaf learners.  This is critical and it will require a transformational change in teaching.  As teachers become more aware, students will become better learners.

A $3,000 grant from Walk for ASL will be given in 2015 after a new set of applications is received.  The grant will be for projects with ASL-related studies/activities.  If anyone is interested in applying for this, please look for the announcement on the Deafhood Foundation website in 2015.

The Deafhood Foundation was incorporated in 2009.  Dedicated to achieving economic and social justice for all Deaf people, it has the goal of providing annual grants to increase the understanding of Deafhood by both individuals and organizations.  The Foundation’s first grant was to a youth leadership camp in Washington in 2012.  And it 2013 it gave a grant to an organization of performing arts and another to a creative reading program.
As part of our outreach, the foundation presented The Deafhood Monologues in California and in Washington.  More performances will be offered in other states.  Deafhood 101 classes offerings have expanded.

Along with providing grants, the foundation also engages in consulting, outreach, and networking.  The website is available to anyone who wishes to know more about the foundation.  Deafhood Discussions have been added to the website this year and is drawing audiences daily.

  1. Antonia Mueller says:

    Where contract paper for who deaf hood get reality of asl song? Deafhood solo dance? Deaf hood artist? Deaf hood photograghper? Deaf hood counselors? Deaf hood Education school/college? Deaf hood doctors, deaf hood lawyers and deaf hood congresman for each communities in the world?

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