Hosted by the American Sign Language Studies program at the Center for Language Studies and the Program for Liberal Medical Education.

The single greatest risk faced by Deaf people is inadequate exposure to a usable first language. Dr. Gulati will review recent research which validates the anatomical basis and time course of the critical period for first language acquisition, and which shows the risks to the development of empathic abilities among children who are language-deprived.

About the Lecture:
Sanjay Gulati, M.D. is a Deaf child and adolescent psychiatrist who works at the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Service at Cambridge Hospital and the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program at Children’s Hospital, Boston. He consults to a variety of Deaf-related programs. His primary area of research interest is the effects of language deprivation. He is co-editor of “Mental Health Care for Deaf People” (Erlbaum, 2003) and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

The lecture will be ASL interpreted and CART services will be provided. Friedman Auditorium is ADA accessible.

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  1. Memory Kashuware says:

    hi yaa there is a serious issue on pupils with hearing impairment on that issue of language deprivation, actually I am a specialist teacher who teaches these pupils and would kindly need more information and material to read about this issue and the solutions on how to tackle such problems especially when a child with hearing impairment comes to school as young as 6 years he/she would be just pointing here and there showing no meaning at times but have currently resorted to firstly teach the child the alphabet then number line then finger spelling words and their names now I teach them the survival everyday sign then lastly construct sentences in sign language so if u have more ideas help me,thank you

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