October 31, 2013

For Immediate Release
Contact: Marvin Miller, Marketing & Public Relations Chair

CALIFORNIA — Deafhood Foundation has split the $5,000 grant to two strong grant recipients: Clerc’s Children and Deaf Spotlight.

Clerc’s Children will release an app in early spring of 2014 made possible by Deafhood Foundation’s grant on www.clercschildren.com. Clerc’s Children is an e-learning website with emphasis on dual language development targeting Deaf, KODA and hearing infants and toddlers, ages 0-5, and their parents.”Clerc’s Children is honored to receive this grant from Deafhood Foundation,” said Terrylene Sacchetti, founder of Clerc’s Children. “Finally, a foundation who understands and values the great need for bilingual e-learning exposure among young children, Deaf and KODA. We are thankful for this grant and are excited to be producing the app that we believe will empower young children to develop bilingual skills.”

The other $2,500 goes to a well-respected Deaf art organization showcasing creative works of, by and for Deaf community through cinema, literature, visual arts and performing arts in Seattle, Washington. The grant will allow Deaf Spotlight to produce three Epic Jams and three workshops to benefit the Deaf community and allies to experience pure ASL. Their web site can be found at www.deafspotlight.com.

“Deaf Spotlight is thrilled to receive this award from the Deafhood Foundation. Our Epic Jam series celebrate American Sign Language in its purest forms, poetry and storytelling, via masters in the language. Seattle audiences have been gratifyingly supportive of Deaf Spotlight and Epic Jam, and we look forward to continuing this series,” said Rob Roth, Board Chair.

Next year grant award will include the $3,000 donation by Facundo Element from their Walk for ASL event, and this donation will be added to the $5,000 grant amount for a total of $8,000 grant award available for 2014. The $3,000 award will be restricted to ASL-related grant award.

“We deeply appreciate the future-thinking on Facundo Element’s part for making this grant award related to ASL possible for 2014 and we’re excited to see the possibilities that the Deaf community can come up with,” said Marilyn Jean Smith, Organizing Chair.

Mel Carter is now the new Grants Chair for the Foundation, and he will be facilitating the grant process for 2014 and beyond.

The foundation is focused on social and economic justice for all Deaf people and envisions a future where audism and other forms of -isms are fully recognized and steps are taken towards to ending them once for all.

The Deafhood Foundation is a non-profit community foundation incorporated in the state of California with 501(c)3 tax exempt status. Tax identification number 26-2603125. Our mailing address is 249 W. Jackson St. #303, Hayward, CA 94544-1811.

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