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  1. After 44 years as licensed architect and continuing member of the American institute of Architects, I moved on to adventure of being a watercolorist. I do landscapes, seascapes, buildings and ASL. Like CB, I can paint ASL. It is fun. I won’t do anything that is no fun. “Deafhood” did not exist 44 years ago until I met Paddy Ladd when he visited Phoenix, AZ about 10 years ago. He spelled “Deafhood” in BSL. it was beautiful. You know, it is two-handed alphabet. In 2009 it was announced in Las Vegas that Deafhood Foundation is established. Like many deaf organizations, large finances were hard to get. Don’t give up. Someone will come just like Jesus came to the docks out of blue and beckoned disciples to join him. I worked hard pro-bono on a deaf retirement house in Tempe now known as Apache ASL Trails. We fought HUD and won. The attendance at Deaf Seniors of America conference in 2012 made a difference on the HUD’s No. 2 Man. He went back to his office and wrote an order to stop nasty requirements of unfriendly changes and all investigations. Then he quit. How did it all happen? God–the father, son and holy spirit in one. Ask and you will receive. God bless Deafhood Foundation and World Deaf Architecture (WDA) and all new organizations that think BIG. How did WDA start? I met a Deaf Lithuianan in 2011 and he spelled out WDA. Amazing. Now WDA is part of American Institute of Architects and will be present at future AIA conventions. Why architecture? It is basically the Art and Science of building environments and shelters from weather and earthquakes. An architect needs a team of people from many fields, hence many work opportunities. Only problem is that Architects are first group to be hit by monetary recessions like 2008, 1987, 1965. No work. But we are built by God to be resilient and get back in shape. Cheers !!!

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