Series of pictures of new board members named below.

New board members from left to right: Ritchie R.Bryant, Terri Waddell-Motter, Timothy B. Riker, Kristen M. Weiner and Melvin L. Patterson. 

Deafhood Foundation
249 West Jackson Street #303
Hayward, CA 94533-1811

March 28, 2013


With much excitement, the Deafhood Foundation board is pleased to announce five new members. Joining the board are:

1. Ritchie R. Bryant, Professor, American Sign Language and Interpreting Training at Austin Community College, Austin, TX

2. Melvin L. Patterson, Sorenson TV Co-host, Video Editor, and Actor, Roseville, CA

3. Timothy B. Riker, Visiting Lecturer at Brown University, Adjunct Instructor at Bristol Community College and Certified Deaf Interpreter, Massachusetts

4. Terri Waddell-Motter, School Psychologist, Indiana School for the Deaf, Indianapolis, IN

5. Kristen M. Weiner, Founder and Owner, Deafhood Yoga, Walnut Creek, CA
They will join the current board at its April Board meeting in Sacramento, CA. Current board members are Butch Zein, Organizing Chair; Ella Mae Lentz, Recording Chair; Judy Gough, Finances Chair; Kevin Clark, Fundraising Chair; Kathy Say, Marketing Chair, Marilyn Jean Smith, Marvin Miller, and Mel Carter.

The Deafhood Foundation was created and incorporated in February 2009 by volunteers. It is a young foundation with the goal of providing annual grants to increase the understanding of Deafhood by both individuals and organizations.

In May 2012, the Foundation presented its first grant to Washington State Association of the Deaf for its Deaf Teen Leadership Camp. This year, the Foundation is set to give a grant of $5,000.00 to a deserving program or individual to be selected from the proposals submitted for the Board.

Along with providing grants, the Foundation also engages in consulting, outreach, and networking. The website is available to anyone who wishes to know more about the foundation. Deafhood Discussions ( provides an ASL version of Dr. Paddy Ladd’s book “Understanding Deaf Culture: in search of Deafhood” and includes various other relevant videos and articles. It has been drawing audiences daily. As part of our outreach, the Foundation has produced a play called “The Deafhood Monologues” in California with more performances being set up in other places such as Washington D.C. this coming March 29 and April 5, 2013. For more information about the play, go to

Contact: Kathy Say:

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