A message from the Deafhood Foundation urgently encouraging people to write or call the U.S. Senators to support ratification of the UN CRPD (United Nations’ Convention on Rights for Persons with Disabilities) before the hearing this coming Thursday, July 26, 2012. It also exposes the untruths by Theresa Bulger who recently issued an alert to OptionSchools, AGBell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and those practicing the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) to oppose the CRPD. For the complete alert from Bulger, go to this link:¬†http://deafhoodfoundation.org/2012/07/bulgers-letter-opposing-un-crpd/

To see a great sample letter and more information on examples of the CRPD that mentions Deaf people, signed languages, their cultures, go to www.audismfreeamerica.blogspot.com.

For ¬†another sample letter plus a list of the senators to write and/or call IMMEDIATELY on Wednesday, July 25, and that’s TOMORROW/TODAY, go to this NAD link: ¬†http://www.nad.org/news/2012/7/urgent-support-ratification-convention-rights-persons-disabilities-today

  1. Sherri Human says:

    I am Deaf I strongly support the Deaf Community , Deaf culture and Language Please DO NOT REMOVE ASL American Sign Langauge is very IMPORTANT to me and for all of us in the whole world.
    Thank you

  2. Cynthia Molloy says:

    I need someone to understand my own expression that I rely on Deaf language within ASL. Please do not remove our right for America Sign Language. I don’t understand it is okay for using thier Spanish spoke in American not sign language. That is a huge insult to take it away from us. Let me explain to you. When I was a little girl, you wanted me to practice my speech without my education. You were so happy I can talk very good but you didn’t care what my level of education until I barely made through High School. They had to fix my grade so I could graduated because I turned 21 that they had to let me go.
    I beg you I don’t want next person without ASL goes through like what I went through struggle understanding the concept and trouble reading the lip.
    All I ask please leave ASL alone. I’m sure you understand why to keep it.
    Thank you

  3. Kelly A. Smith says:

    I’m Profoundly deaf to be so proud to be!! I believe that ASL language is the most beautiful normal language that u ever think of anything else! I have so much confidence of who I am!! Thanks again for Deaf Culture is in my life as Deafhood to keep alive!!!!

    Thank you for being cooperative with me,
    Kelly A Smith

  4. Andrea Powell says:

    I do supportive Deaf Community, Bec they need to their own American Sign Langauge are natural for the Deaf Culter…I have notice mostly deaf people can’t talk so that they all want to sign language themself to understand the communication for education no matter what… Please, respective their ASL alone…


    Andrea Powell

  5. Carol Southam says:

    Hello I’m from Canada.

    I second Cynthia Molly. I went thru the same thing when I was at Belleville School for the Deaf in Canada. They force us lipread with every teachers in every class. My education are not that good. So for every deaf school they may learn to speak and using ASL to improve their education that’s my believe. So leave ASL alone. My parents admitted that they wish they know ASL because severals time I misunderstand with them. (I’m hard of hearing). Come on AGbell … Shame on you mean selfish people! =0

    God bless our beautiful ASL. =) xo

    from Canada

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