The Deafhood Foundation Awards Its First Ever Grant to Deaf Teen Leadership Camp

News Release
Media contact: Kathy Say

May 4, 2012 — The Deafhood Foundation has awarded its first ever grant of $1,250 to Deaf Teen Leadership camp program under Washington State Association of the Deaf. The camp serves Deaf teens from a variety of programs, ranging from residential to oral.

“That is FANTASTIC news! We are so excited to know that you have chosen Deaf Teen Leadership camp and will support our deaf youth!” said Maria Christianson, Camp Director of Deaf Teen Leadership.

Washington State Association of the Deaf has been running the Deaf Teen Leadership camp for 5 years, and they will be having their sixth year this coming June 24th to 28th.

Foundation Organizing Chair Butch Zein said, “We believe that all Deaf teens should and must have the opportunity to understand our people’s history and our struggle in order to see the clear need for leadership and as the Deaf Teen Leadership grant application states, ‘create personal and community change’.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to give out our first ever grant, and we look forward to seeing Deaf youth in Washington come together, learn and blossom as our future leaders,” he added.

The funds will be used towards fees for camp’s challenge course, training of Deaf facilitators of the course and other camp-related needs.

For more information on Deaf Teen Leadership camp, please visit The first camp director of Deaf Teen Leadership camp was well-known and respected Deaf actor, Howie Seago. The current camp director is Maria Christianson.

You can visit the Deafhood Foundation’s web site at

NEW ADDRESS: The Deafhood Foundation has changed its mailing address to 249 W. Jackson St. #303, Hayward, CA 94544-1811.


  1. Tiffany Gay says:

    As the director in between Howie and Maria, I am absolutely thrilled and honored that DTL received the first Deafhood Foundation Grant! Your support will make a difference for Deaf youths in Washington State!

    Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart!
    ~Tiffany Gay

    “A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.”
    -Henrik Ibsen

  2. Judy Shaughnessy says:

    This is great news…Congrats to Deaf Teen Leadership!

  3. Ali Cooper says:

    Deafhood Foundation, many many thanks you and the staff for awarding DTL (Deaf Teen Leadership) of Washington state in receiving the first awarded scholarship. I’ve been a staff at DTL the past 2 years and now promoted Director’s Assistant. The past two years have inspired me to watch campers who are deaf teens from all over Washington state grow and change during 5 days in learning to become leaders. I’m happy to announce we had our first international camper from South Korea currently a student at MSSD(Model Secondary School for the Deaf). This camper loved it and wanted to invite friends from MSSD and South Korea for the next camp year. We hope to thrive and build. We thank you for your wonderful grant that was extremely helpful.

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