Deafhood Foundation
Press Release
Date: February 11, 2012

The Deafhood Foundation (DHF) announces its fundraising campaign in celebration of Paddy Ladd’s 60th birthday throughout the year of 2012. We invite all who care about their journeys (as individuals and as advocates of Deafhood) to contribute to the Deafhood Foundation in Dr.Paddy Ladd’s honor.

Sixty years ago on February 11, 1952, Paddy Ladd was born. He was born Deaf and attended mainstream schools. He found his way to the Deaf community at age 22 and worked with Deaf young people and their families. After seeing the damage done to them all by Oralism, he helped to found the now-defunct, “radical” Deaf group called the National Union of the Deaf.

Paddy’s life is a journey of self-discovery which he shared with the Deaf World and the hearing world through his book Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood which was published by Multilingual Matters Ltd. in 2003. His book was a result of his years as a Deaf Culture researcher in Great Britain and the United States.

He is renowned for his writings and activism. The Federation of Deaf People has awarded Paddy the Deaf Lifetime Achievement Award. The Deafhood Foundation proudly recognizes Paddy as a visionary. His vast knowledge as an academician is truly exemplary.

In celebration of his 60th birthday, the Deafhood Foundation is implementing a variety of fundraising activities. We are requesting personal donations of sixty dollars ($60) or more to be made to DHF with a personal check sent to Treasurer, Deafhood Foundation, 443 Tehama Street, San Francisco CA 94103 or through our Pay Pal system on our website

Nancy Rourke is well-known for her Deafhood-inspired artwork and has created items with Paddy’s likeness on printed on them (e.g. cups, t-shirts and posters). She has generously committed to donating 50% from the sales of these items to DHF. You can purchase these items from Nancy Rourke’s Artwork Gallery through its website at This offer will only be good between February 11, 2012 and April 12, 2012.

We are also requesting that you organize a potluck dinner and have your guests put donations in a cup with Paddy’s likeness on it. The donations can be “deposited” through the Foundation’s PayPal on its website or mailed by check written out to Deafhood Foundation and sent to: Treasurer, The Deafhood Foundation, 443 Tehama Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103.

In Paddy Ladd’s honor, you can sign up for an automatic, monthly donation of $10.00 on the Deafhood Foundation’s Pay Pal site. You can do this for a total of six months, the entire year of 2012, or any other length of time you wish. See above for our Pay Pal website.

The Deafhood Foundation is a non-profit community foundation incorporated in the state of California with 501(c)3 tax exemptstatus. Tax identification number 26-2603125.

Download the Ladd’s 60th Birthday Press Release PDF version.

  1. We are honored to have the chance to donate in Dr. Ladd’s honor!
    We will also be working on setting up a Pot luck celebration fundraiser for him! Thank you all for your generous hard work and spirit! We stand beside you to aboloish the Colonialization of Deaf people!

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