Open Letter to International Congress on the Education of the Deaf

The Deafhood Foundation heartily congratulates International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) for taking the first bold step in accepting, and acknowledging it’s past decision and practices that perpetuates and foster eugenic mindset against the Deaf individuals in America and abroad. By not bringing light to this issue and making amends, ICED inadvertently allowed this unspeakable crime against Deaf humanity to continue for 130 years.

The original resolutions passed at the 1880 Milan Congress, which discouraged and furthermore banned the use of Sign Language in the education of the Deaf did irreparable damage to Deaf individuals, educators, professionals, schools, communities and especially families around the world. Unfortunately it also reduced Deaf people’s humanity to nothing more than a commodity for Oralism and their associated companies (cochlear implants and the likes) to create a new revenue opportunity that continue to make millions of dollars profit to this day off Deaf individuals’ bodies.

The Deafhood Foundation’s mission is dedicated to achieving economic and social justice for all Deaf people. It’s our foremost belief to push for justice by providing financial, educational and social opportunities to end the economic exploitation of Deaf people. The Foundation aims to free the world from audism and recreate a society where everyone experiences full humanity and celebrates Sign Language. ICED’s recent statement of principle denouncing all resolutions that passed at the 1880 Milan Congress dovetailed perfectly with our mission. We will stand behind ICED and call all Nations of the world to adopt this principle to reverse the adverse effect and restore Deaf humanity and honor the inalienable right of our linguistic and cultural minority in every society.

Let there be light and truth to shatter the shackle that beholden and enslaved the Deaf’s mind to forget that they are Deaf, to think and act like a hearing person instead of celebrating our Deaf identity, cultural and language with equality and pride.

Again…Deafhood Foundation congratulates ICED for taking the right direction that shall go down in history as one of the turning point in the education of the Deaf.

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